Financial Forecasting and Analysis

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Financial forecasting
Input expected sales, costs, investments etc.
Test different forecast assumptions.

  • Income statements
  • Balance sheets
  • Cash flows
  • Financial ratios
Equity valuation
Create a financial forecast.
Select valution assumptions.

  • Test different valuation methods and assumptions
  • Include uncertainty and get the Equity valuation as a range estimate
  • Impairment testing
Debt and credit
Create a financial forecast.
Select debt/credit assumptions.

  • Financing needs
  • Debt capacity
  • Credit rating & credit spread
  • Probability of breaching debt covenants

Financial Risk Management

Understand your Financial Risk and your Possibilities - Improve your decision making!

Corporate model - The complete Financial Planning and Risk Management Model

Financial projections
  • Income statements, balance sheets, cash flows and ratios
  • Consolidated, parent company and the subsidiaries

Debt management
  • Debt need, debt capacity, Measure probability of breaching covenants
  • Credit rating, credit spread and interest costs

Valuation and M&A analysis
  • Valuation analysis and impairment testing
  • Mergers & acquisitions analysis

Financial risk management and Derivatives
  • Currency exposure - Interest rate exposure - Commodity exposure
  • See how derivatives can change the exposures
  • Find and communicate efficient hedging strategies

Specific Market Risk Models

Commodity exposure
Analyze and visualize price and volume risks.
Analyze the possible effect of hedging/derivatives.
Includes currencies and currency derivatives.


Range forecasts

Our models allow to include uncertainty assumptions* which then creates multipe forecasts presented as range forecasts.
* Standard deviations and correlations. These can be calculated automatically from the historical data.

Forecasts as fan charts

The black line shows the historical development.
The black dotted line shows the main case assumed future development.
The blue areas show the assumed possible future development with risk assumptions for the different confidence intervals.

Forecasts and estimations as range estimates

This example show the valuation as a probability range.
E.g. to measure valuation confidence and impairment testing.
The x-axis shows the distribution of calculated valuations/fair values.
The y-axis shows the calculated probabilities of each outcome.



Analytical capabilities

Unparallelled analytical capabilities.
Allows to include uncertainty assumptions, comprehensive analysis and scenario testing.
Easy-to-understand visualization and communication of risk and opportunities.



Calculations based on standard accounting rules, financial and statistical formulas.
Reduce modelling errors.


Spreadsheet compatible

Forecasts can be uploaded from Excel etc.
Output can be downloaded to spreadsheets.
Upload spreadsheet based forecast to the model to get access to all the analysis capabilities!


Save time

Standardized models eliminates need for time consuming modelling setup.
Upload forecasts from spreadsheet and access all the analytical capabilities.
Automatically updated reports.


Sharing and collaboration

Cloud/Web-based models allows for easy sharing and collaboration.
Sharing may allow other users full access to the analysis so that they can see all the inputs and outputs, and possible input their own assumptions.



Easily create non-advanced forecasts.
Add analysis topics when and if needed.
Companies can be split into different entities with different exposures, ownership etc.

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The solutions can be delivered as calculation code/api to other online/software solutions.

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