Financial planning made easier

Easy-to-use online solution

  • Complete financial projections and forecast:
    - Cash flow, Income statement and Balance sheet
  • Complete financial risk management included
  • Input made in familiar spreadsheet tables
  • Access to valuable financial analysis
  • Create presentations in no time
  • Informative scenario testing
  • Online collaboration

Make better business decisions!

Save time and money!

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Really easy!

Simply upload your Excel and get a complete analysis!
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- Within the solution there are links to Excel templates.
- You can also input/edit directly in this web solution.

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Financial planning

Combine your data with the power of the best financial planning tool to improve your decision-making

  • - Learn about the financial implications of different scenarios
  • - Estimate future profitability and cash flow
  • - Easily create financial forecasts
  • - Easily collaborate with others
  • - Plan your costs and revenues
  • - Valuation analysis

Make better financial decisions

Reporting and presentations

The most informative graphical reports and presentations.
Easily distribute reports/presentations with Url links - and these can always be updated by the owner

  • - Text, charts, tables, images and videos
  • - Interactive charts
  • - Mobile friendly
  • - Always updatable

Save a lot of time

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Easy to use

Select a ready-made Template for your type of business.
The Templates provide a good structure to the analysis.
Cover all the relevant analytical topics, and get user-friendly reports and presentations.

  • - Default setup and input
  • - Explanations
  • - Reports/Presentations

Save a lot of time!

Uncertainty and Probabilities

Easy-to-use full scale risk assumptions functionality (Monte carlo)

Financial Risk Management

Understand your financial risk and your possibilities
Find risk mitigating alternatives
Learn how derivatives/hedging can reduce the financial risk
Find and communicate the best risk mitigating and hedging alternatives

  • - Volume, price and cost risks
  • - Interest rate risk
  • - Commodity risk
  • - Currency risk
  • - Derivatives

Easy to learn

Leaning blog with videos and tutorials.
Select a Template for your type of business.
The Templates provide a good structure to the analysis.

  • - Start easy, and expand the analysis if necessary
  • - Default setup and reports
  • - Save a lot of time!

Learning blog!

and easy to use

Just do the inputs that are relevant for your analysis.

Save time and money!

100% Excel compatible

Create a complete analysis simply by uploading an Excel with your data.

The inputs are done in spreadsheet tables.

Verified calculation!

Input your expected sales, costs+ and you will get correctly calculated financial projections and analysis.

Your analysis is always correctly calculated!

Powerful reporting and presentation

Easily create and update reports, presentations and dashboards.

Interactive charts, and mobile friendly.


No installation is required - sign up for FREE and you are ready to create your analysis

Share & Colaborate

Invite your partners to work together on the analysis.

Save time

Do the analysis instead of spending hours and days trying to set up a correct model.

Just do the inputs relevant for your analysis - extend if needed.

Plan for everybody

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Invoicing and Discounts




  • 2 companies/analysis

  • 12 forecasting periods


20€ Monthly

200€ Yearly

  • 10 companies/analysis

  • 60 forecasting periods

  • Access to all features!

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From 200€ Monthly

2 000€ Yearly

  • 10 000 companies/analysis

  • Access to all features and maximum number of inputs!
  • Have a complete and clear overview over all your analysis!
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