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We want to help people make better informed investment decisions. We do this by providing the most user friendly Financial Analysis Tools with unique risk and simulation capabilities that help people gain more financial insight.

We are a small, and passionate, Software as a Service (SaaS) company. We are working very hard to provide the best Financial Analysis Tools to our users. Our Models are built based on several years of extensive experience working with many companies and investors. The models are robust, scalable, easy to maintain, and easy to learn.


Frank Isaksen, CFA

Frank has many years experience from industrial companies, portfolio management, and banking.
Prior to Simulation Finance, Frank worked as Chief Analyst in Nordea.


During the years in industrial companies, as portfolio manager, and the 10 years working in banking Frank worked closely with many people in different companies on different financial cases. Cases were e.g. finding efficient funding strategies, hedging strategies for currency- interest rate- commodity exposures, valuation analysis, M&A analysis, credit and rating analysis, portfolio allocation strategies, trading strategies, portfolio hedging strategies etc. During all the years working closely with so many people on so many different cases Frank gradually developed a thorough understanding of common analytical and pedagogical challenges in financial forecasting.
The main common challenges were how to reduce the time it took to make a thorough financial forecasts, and then how to include risk and simulation capabilities.

The idea was to use generic financial, statistical, and mathematical calculations and create a coherent financial analysis methodology that allowed to make a generic model that helped the users with these challenges. Frank then created a methodolgy that consist of rather complex but still common financial and statistical calculations that allows to incorporate risk assumptions and make probability adjusted output. The team then created a robust, scaleable, flexible and user friendly Software-as-a-Solution platform of this financial analysis methodology.
The results are time-saving, robust, scaleable, and user friendly web-based models that allows users to easily create and maintain thorough financial analysis that includes unique risk and simulation capabilities.

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